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I was born in a small valley of rice fields on the southern coast of Peru, in the twilight of December 29, 1992.

I grew up surrounded by aromas of fresh earth, the morning dew and the faint sea breeze that somehow spread throughout the town, despite being 3 km away. I enjoyed watching the giant and lush fig trees create scary figures in the shadows of the night, listen to stories of elves and running at full speed among the cornfields of Hernán Carnero.

I loved savoring the freshly ripe plums and picking the falling oranges sometimes stamped with white strokes by some feathered artists. Climbing in secret the trees in the orchard because it was forbidden. Burying a keepsake box under the patio stairs in hopes of opening it when I “grew up”. Making the birth certificate of my female cat called White and her daughter Black in case they ever need their documents.

We prepared all kinds of dishes with the traditional stone mill that was under the fig tree using our clay pots and the onion sprouts we just looted from Hernán Carnero’s farm.

My sister Karla and I chased the multicolored dragonflies that flew everywhere and that for some reason let us catch them if we moved quickly through the bushes. We used to spent hours fishing in the ditch searching for shrimp and pejerreyes. Walking through mud up to my knees and feeling my feet sink into an indescribable softness. Made boats out of the cane leaves and watch them set sail without a crew. Watching the herons reflect in the water that flooded the rice fields at five in the afternoon when the sun drenched everything in pink and Mom came to look for us with a sweater.

Bio-My family

💜 My mom, my little sister Karla and Me

Those were times that brought me thousands of smiles and also tears. When I was six years old, my parents sent me to school, I wasn’t sure why, I just remember that learning was something I really enjoyed. I liked doing my homework, drawing, painting, and listening to the Hansel and Gretel story from a cassette.

As I grew up and reached consciousness, the cultural characteristics of my town, my family, the television, the church, certain teachers and the coastal idiosyncrasy trained me to become another member of society. Without realizing it, I found myself aspiring to work in the best position in a bank, to graduate from college with the highest position, accumulate wealth, and be a source of pride for my family, especially my father. I was 17 years old, what did I know about life…

And yes, I graduated top of my class in finance, but at the age of 23 something wonderful happened, something that would completely change the direction of my life.

I decided to question who I really was, the origin of the universe, God, why I was alive, what was real and what not, capitalism, consumerism, society, the matrix?

The first book that I decided to read and that would guide me to discover my own answers was Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, with this book I realized for the first time that the answers were inside of me the whole time.

I started to listen to my inner self, to connect with my essence beyond the physical plane and to discover the infinite love of the great spirit of creation that lived in me and it was manifesting through meditation.

Later, many other books came to my path, such as The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, which invited me to expand my consciousness and reaffirm many decisions and changes in my life.

Around this time, I set out on a project to help women suffering from autoimmune diseases like arthritis heal their bodies through a plant-based dietary treatment.

It was four years of my life in which I learned a lot about myself, life, health, the wonders of nature and, best of all, I met warrior women of all ages and of different nationalities. Amazing people who filled me with so much inspiration and gratitude.

And here I am, 27 years old and still discovering my passions in life, traveling South America with my boyfriend Douglas, we are digital and spiritual nomads. Opening ourselves to life at every moment, learning to reprogram our subconscious, raising our vibrations, loving, a lot.

Forgiving, transmuting our energies, connecting with every place we arrive, spreading our love for life, nature, humanity and sharing digital courses related to spirituality and evolution of consciousness.

📍 Quilotoa Lake, Ecuador.

If you are still reading, thank you for being here, thank you for existing and being part of me. Because yes, despite not knowing ourselves physically, we are connected at levels that our mind cannot understand, but that the spirit can feel.

I will be sharing stories, articles, my digital art, vlogs from the places we visit, even why not, very healthy recipes too, because I love to cook. I am very excited to be part of the Hive community and to be able to connect with wonderful people like you!

See you in the next post.
Infinite love ❤️


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I'm a Peruvian Nomad ?? traveling the world, digital artist, spiritual seeker and environmentalist.

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Welcome to this special place! Here I’m choosing to express my artistic side, share some ideas and what I’m constantly learning of life as a medicine woman and digital nomad.

Love you all ❤!

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