My JourneyI tried “One day without phone, computer and in silence”

I tried “One day without phone, computer and in silence”

What happens when obligations are taking all your energy? Here is what I did to break the routine.
What motivated me to experiment with this idea?

Our energy is manifested not only on the physical or material plane, but also through our thoughts, emotions, and our spiritual field. When this energy flows chaotically and almost automatically, we reduce our ability to act consciously.

“Where you put your attention, you put your energy.”

Reflecting around this phrase, I realized that even when practicing meditation or energy work, I still experience periods of time when I dedicate most of my energy to pending obligations. At the end of the day, I feel overwhelmed and sometimes unsatisfied.

Certainly, when all our energy is concentrate on the habit of doing or focus on certain physical, mental or emotional patterns, it may be a sign of imbalance in our life.

This is how this idea arose, being aware of this, my boyfriend and I made the decision to choose a day to do the opposite.

Practicing Detachment

We decided to stay away from our work tools, cell phone, computer or any other electronic device. In this way, it would be easier to disconnect from the routine.

Image by Motoki Tonn

We both wanted to connect with our inner self and simply “be”.

Because of this, we also decided to remain silent, however, we agreed to speak only if it was extremely necessary.

Why silent? And what does this silence means?

Sometimes words persuade us to not develop our capacity to feel, especially when we allow our mind to guide all our decisions.

The purpose was not only to silence the voice, but also the mind by not having anything to-do for the day.

Observing in silence it’s a therapy, a tool for discovery and personal healing. It helps to harmonize our mental body, our physical body, our emotional body and our causal or spiritual body.

It is definitely a practice that I recommend to anyone who wants to discover energy blockages.

The Experience

Image by Jared Rice

That day I woke up very motivated, I established an intention in my heart and I started.

After taking our breakfast, I felt a call to the sunlight entering through the window of one of the rooms. I was ready for some morning light.

I looked through the window, the sky was clear and stunningly blue, my crystals were resting on the bed and recharging with the sun rays. I took a moment to appreciate this magic, then I felt transported to the middle of a forest glade, in silence and in absolute peace.

I let my body rest next to the crystals, I closed my eyes and I dedicated myself to feel the sunlight on my skin and all around me. I placed one of the quartz on my forehead and opened myself to his guidance.

All morning and after lunch, I felt motivated to meditate, connect with my center and stretch my body. I don’t spend enough time on this last activity, so I got carried away by some exercises, asanas and stretches that felt good at the moment.

During the afternoon and evening, moments of great discovery arose. At first, I felt them very challenging, but they appear to show me something.

Finding out how I was programmed

My subconscious mind was bringing up various behaviors that I was programmed as a children, as always there are symptoms of something bigger and this time I felt ready to go deeper in the source of those programs.

Most of the time, we are guided by our subconscious mind, programs that we have downloaded during the first seven years of life. Around 70% of these programs carry negative components depending on every person.

Getting to recognize these programs is the first step to the re-program process.

If not, we will continue to have the same life, letting those negative patterns create our own reality and blocking our true self from growth and happiness.

I had a hard time recognizing these programs, understanding where they came from and how they have been influencing the way I perceive my life and my own present reality.

Observe without judging

Normally these programs are hidden behind very dense emotions, negative energies that encompass strong beliefs. Some of these beliefs have being programmed as positive, when in reality — behind that veil — there is a big knot of memories, thoughts and, mainly, destructive behaviors that consume our energy and block us from commanding our own reality.

It was difficult, but not impossible. Being patient, docile and practicing loving introspection and compassion helped me a lot this time.

How to re-program our subconscious

In order to reprogram our subconsciousness, we must learn how to consciously access it.

My favorite option is meditation. During meditation, our attention is no longer on the physical plane, our brain waves decreased from Beta (state of consciousness) to Alpha, Theta, or Delta (subconscious state).

When we achieve this, our mind is no longer analyzing, but we are submerged in the quantum plane, in the spiritual plane. Here we have the opportunity to experience a state of harmony and to re-program our subconscious including past experiences, behavior patterns, beliefs and everything that we feel is time to let go.

What I learned

Image by I’m Martin

I feel infinite gratitude with this experience. It helped me free myself in a magnitude that I did not expect to perceive. I learned more about myself and appreciate compassion from another point of view.


Naturally, we are beings that inhabit beyond what the eyes can see and the words can describe.

Finally, I reaffirmed a very beautiful lesson, when we open our hearts with a pure intention to the light of unity, the source of all universal creation, wonderful events will take place.

If the idea of experiencing “a day without technology and in silence” resonates with you, go for it! connecting with yourself brings learning, healing and lots of love.

There are also practices such as yoga, meditation or tai-chi that help us focus our energy on more subtle fields to find our holistic balance.

Each of us are unique beings and we evolve in different ways.

I encourage you to rediscover yourself and sow a seed within yourself.
The seed of love ❤️


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