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How to find traveling rhythm

How to Find your Rhythm while Traveling

They say patience is the ‘science of peace’ and sure is. This is a virtue that I have been exercising more while traveling full time, specially when I had to discover my own rhythm.

Patience is the virtue of knowing to wait and being conscious of the cycles of life. As well as discovering our own cycles as connected beings.

As travelers or digital nomads, we are not stationary, we can choose how slow or fast we are going through life. And there is a great therapeutic opportunity here.

slow travel

By finding our rhythm and balance, we eliminate the stress of rushing around and the pressure of ‘seeing everything’. Instead, we give ourselves the opportunity to be patient and to observe what we are manifesting into our lives, what people we are attracting and what signs have been shown to us.

Sometimes the best experiences come when we don’t plan them. By slowing down in each place, we get to see more than just the ‘touristic face’.

Over time, I learned to tune myself with nature and to go deep in my extra-sensorial experiences. Here is when “magic” gets activated.

“Know yourself and you will find your rhythm”.

It is simple, love yourself and you will attract love along the way. Be truly grateful and you will receive what you need. Love life and she will become the wise teacher everyone needs.

Finding Rhythm on the Road

“I like to live in the unknown”.

Traveling without expectations may sound weird, because most of us have to research before deciding where to go. But, this doesn’t mean that we have to limit ourselves to the typical tourist activities or trying to replicate other people’ experiences. 

We are unique beings and our experiences have to be as well. By stepping out of the common side of traveling, there are more chances to find profound and meaningful experiences. 

I believe we all are connected in the universe and for me, re-discovering myself in every town and culture helped me to enjoy my journey even more.

Learn to live with less expectations, especially when something did not go as planned. Remember that there is always room to find the bright side and learn from it.

Zero Expectations when traveling

Have you ever heard of the archetype of the ‘grandma turtle’? 

Taping into the archetype of the grandma turtle may help you in those moments when you lost a flight, got lost somewhere without WiFi or simply got trapped in a rush when everything seems to go out of hand. 

The grandma turtle is the personification of the fifth pillar of consciousness, patience. 

This pillar carries with it the energy of transformation and observation. So, when I feel that I’m rushing nowhere, I encourage myself to take a moment to stop, inhale deep and realize once again that the joy is in the journey, not only the destination.

Sometimes, as human beings, our minds want to know everything, anticipate and skip every process we can. And that’s ok but in some cases, it is a consequence of our own ego, which is so afraid of the unknown. When the truth is, that in the ‘unknown’ is where it lies the potential to create the unimaginable. We just have to be patient and enjoy the ride.

Learning Patience while Traveling

No matter how long you have been traveling, it’s worth stopping from time to time, to re-evaluate your traveling rhythm and what you want to manifest in your life.

If you feel lost, embody the archetype of the grandma turtle to find peace and patience along the way.

Finding a rhythm that works for you and also gives you the opportunity to live your best life is key for taking the best out of your traveling lifestyle. That is ‘slow travel’. 

Being conscious of the environmental impact of my lifestyle has also helped me to slow down a little and travel by bus most of the time in South America. This way, I have discovered incredible destinations that most people skip and enter the magical unknown side of traveling. 

Just one last reminder to be nice wherever you are and to flip the coin when things seem rushing nowhere.


How to find your own pace while traveling
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