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visualize yourself as a universal being

Visualize yourself as a Universal Being

Most of my life I perceived myself only as a physical entity. Around five years ago I started recognizing myself as a universal being for the very first time.

When we are kids, we see ourselves as part of a family, then as we grow up, we expand this field of vision to our class, our community, our state, our country and eventually, our planet.

But this last one, sometimes it’s only academic.

When do we start to see ourselves as universal beings? To truly believe that our nature goes beyond this planet and probably our life purpose is also universal…

As adults, especially during these globalized times, we tend to visualize ourselves only in small bubbles of reality, meaning that our field of vision gets reduced to our social circles, culture or country.

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Don’t get me wrong, recognizing ourselves as part of a culture or community is greatly beneficial to our societies and to our expressibility as humans. However, only visualizing ourselves in small groups and blocking our potential to grow our field of vision, can be detrimental in most cases.

What does it mean?

Our life experience on Earth gets narrowed, since we project our reality only to certain networks of energy instead of extending our perception into the non-physical realms

As we start to realize that our nature is greater than our physical and mental body, we all are invited to discover this infinite potential within ourselves. I like to picture it as a flame that grows and expands beyond this three-dimensional reality.

In my experience, during meditation or lightwork practices, this spiritual connection becomes more profound, and many questions related to the universe and spiritual growth appeared to guide me to a better understanding of universal consciousness.

It is crucial for us, as humans and spiritual beings, to ask these questions, to better understand our own mystical experiences, to learn how consciousness exists in all things in our universe and how it all works in harmony.

Sharing the Universal Knowledge

During the first months of COVID quarantine in 2020, my boyfriend and I put our heart and soul to create an Online Course free for everybody on teaching the Fundamentals of Universal Consciousness. We felt very motivated to do our part by sharing this knowledge to all our brothers and sisters out there who want to grasp some of the fundamental concepts of the universe.

Douglas did a lot of research on various channelings from different spiritual practitioners and after reviewing multiple scientific models of the universe, we organized all this information on what we called the 7-11-12 Model of Universal Consciousness.

This model includes:
  • 7 Dimensions of Space / Time / Reality (3/6/9) within our universe (out of 10 in all creation). Reviewing these concepts will help us understand the structure of our universe.

  • 11 Densities of Consciousness – These are the layers of consciousness that inhabit this structure. Let’s put it in a different way; they are fractal bubbles of ascending light / consciousness / source energy.
    They help us understand that we all are one at every level.

  • 12 Universal Matrices – These are parallel versions of our universe (often confused with dimensions). Together, the matrices form a complete expression of all things the universe wants to experience, just like the 12 notes in the chromatic scale allow musicians to create all the sounds they need to express themselves in song.

  • We also have included the concept of Grids into the course. Grids are the living networks of conscious connection and communication spread across the universe.
    We’re going to look at the mechanism of this connection, and how we can connect to the girds using geometric visualizations and vibration to send and receive information that will guide us in our spiritual journey.
Enroll for FREE

If you feel a call to learn about the 7-11-12 Model of Universal Consciousness, please go to this link, the course is part of Aquarius Academy.

There is no payment involved to have access to the lessons. If you liked the course, please share the link to others or make a donation to keep spreading this knowledge, we will really appreciate it.

In the same website, you can also find many other free courses on spirituality. Aquarius Academy is meant to serve as a catalyst for collective consciousness connection.

To finish, let me leave you with this thought; as much as your world view has changed since you were a kid, it will change a thousand times more the moment you open up to the universal knowledge inhabiting yourself to guide you back to unity.

Thank you so much for reading and for being part of this amazing life experience here on Earth.

Much love! 🤗♥️


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I'm a Peruvian Nomad 🇵🇪 traveling the world, digital artist, spiritual seeker and environmentalist.

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