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Earth Pigments

Alchemy is awaiting you!

What are Earth Pigments?

They are made up of different minerals—mostly iron oxide. And contain a predominant color.

To obtain the purest earth pigments, you will need a sample of soil, rocks, clay, mud or any other geological material, and proceed with the extraction process.

Yes! There are pigments everywhere.

But this isn't new...

Earth Pigments have been around longer than acrylics and other types of paint we see nowadays.

We were just born in the age of petroleum-based products.

So I’m not surprised I discovered how easy was to craft my own pigments in my late 20’s.

Why painting with the Earth?

The elements are my tools and the Earth is my teacher.

I believe that the spirit of the Earth can heal us and help our growth not only as artists but as a whole planetary collective consciousness.


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+ Learn my Favorite Methods to Paint with Mineral Pigments.
How to make and paint with Earth Pigments
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Doing Alchemy with Color

Turning dirt and rocks into pure pigments that you can later convert into paint is a process of Alchemy.

Every step gets you closer to nature and to yourself.

STEP 1 - Gathering the Dirt and Rocks

Going out in nature looking for colors is a meditative practice. I provide with recommendations to collect the proper samples.

STEP 2 - Extracting the Pigments

Develop presence and intention in the process of grinding, sifting and using water to filter the purest pigment.

STEP 3 - Creating Paint Material

Let me teach you my favorite ways to obtain paint out of your pigments and many other methods used for centuries.

Evolving Art with
Non-Toxic Paint

The use of Earth Pigments can lead us to create a more sustainable balance in the industry of paint. And help us heal by channeling the creative energy of the Earth. Learning to communicate with our artwork and caring about nature and health at the same time.

Eclipse of Emotions by Karelia Blum

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Awakening the Memory of our Ancestors

Art has been part of our origins in every part of the world. 

My ancestors were strongly connected to nature and art was meant to express a broader vision of knowledge that transcended the physical world.

The Earth holds this memory and painting with her can be a spiritual experience.


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